Emerging Web Trends

Hope Achterberg

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Web Standards and Specifications

The main page and sub pages to this portfolio all have been ran through V3 HTML Validator, W3C CSS Validator, and a Web Accessibility tool and fixed any errors that showed on the page. I implemented basic SEO practices by adding meta description, author, keywords, and viewport tags.

Browsers Used

The two browsers that I used for this project were Google Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 and Firefox Version 81.0.2


The experience you had in the class

This class was a great experience to be apart of. Every assignment included a challenge of learning something new that will benefit my skills for the future. Being able to choose your own project was a great way to initiate creative thinking in order to find something new as well as expanding my skill set. It was different to do this because it is so normal to have every assignment set up for me. This was I could make sure I was fully interested in the topic.

What difficulties that you experienced

The most challenging project in this class was the Progressive Web App. This was something I have never done before and struggled with figuring out exactly how the PWA works and its benefits. After watching many tutorials, I did gain a skill of creating one and continue to look to gain more knowledge on this topic.

At first, I thought picking my own topic of assignment was going to be challenging because there is so much to learn in this field. Finding something that was challenging enough, but something I could still understand was easier than I thought and grateful to have the guidance in topics to choose from.

What you would do to improve the final project if you had more time

If i had more time, I would make sure that all of my pages of this portfolio were mobile friendly and looked good on each device. This is something that is very important in the design field and I feel would be beneficial to have completed for this assignment.

What you plan on doing to expand your learning in the topics we covered

I plan on doing more tutorials specifically on Progressive Web Apps to make sure I 100% understand as well as working on learning more with VR content. I would like to be able to create VR content that works well on a website and not just shapes like how I did for this project.

What plans do you have to expand into topics we didn’t cover, but you would like to

I would like to go back and look into the software topic since I chose to do the social media. It was a hard choice between the two since I feel both would be beneficial to learn. Other topics that I would like to learn more about include really working with white space and minimalism without the website looking too bare, as well as liquid animation and mixing illustration and realism in designs.


  1. W3 Validator
  2. Web Accessibility
  3. W3C CSS Validator